So is a sauna good for you? The pros are they are so relaxing and you leave feeling great. So the water loss in a sauna is a bit of an issue? But if you hydrate then you can negate that pretty quickly. Saunas are great for your health. You just simply feel so relaxed afterwards. A lt of people question the benefits of saunas for your health but we know better. The Europeans have it right, get on the saunas and relax. A stress free and relaxed like is a long and good one.


  1. I am hearing many different things, but in my opinion saunas are great for your health. I feel wonderful after coming out of a sauna and I think that a sauna has many health benefits.

  2. Yeah I agree, saunas are great for your health.

  3. I have heard benefits about saunas. Some even claim that It can help you lose weight, Not sure about it, But, yes it certainly is a good stress buster tool.

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