Britney Spears’ Digital Diet

OK so it’s a little off topic but I couldn’t resist. I stumbled across this when I was signing out of my hotmail account on ninemsn. Britney is a celebrity who is well known to have body image issues, and in the last few years we have watched her fluctuate up and down, along with the turbulence in her life. In her latest video, Piece of Me, there have been reports that she was ‘digitally slimmed-down’. She appears a lot skinnier in the video than she did in paparazzi reports earlier in the month. It would be nice if weight loss were that easy eh. Read the full article here.


  1. we all idolize britney spears because of the great singing talent that she have:`~

  2. You know i admire Britney she is one of my fans really coz she’s a good singer…..

  3. I guess it’s not really a sin to make some edits to make one look good. I even do this to some of my photos. It’s even the reason why Photoshop was created and all the other photo editing softwares out there. Britney deserves a second chance if she’s getting back to the music world besides it’s here singing and songs that we’re after.

  4. there is no doubt that britney spears is very very popular these days.’:

  5. yes i do agree that Britney Spears is the queen of pop and no one else~`~

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