Delon Body Butter

Delon body butter is wonderful for your skin and is becoming increasingly popular around the world. If you have tried the delon body butter range then you will know that it is a really nicely scented moisturizer. It softens your skin and indulges your senses all at once. For a body butter it is very quickly absorbed and non-greasy. It leaves your skin feeling very smooth and soft. You don’t need to apply a lot as it goes a long way, and lasts a long time. It is often described as more of a cream than body butter. There are a wide range of flavors to choose from, so you will find one that suits your skin and personality.

There is a wide range of flavors to choose from and no matter what type you like best you will be able to find it. The most popular flavors are

  • Delon Mango Body Butter
  • Delong Coconut Body Butter
  • Delon Olive Body Butter

Delon is a Canadian company and they have been around for 64 years.. They specialize in the health and beauty market and are a leading company in the areas of bat, beauty and body products. Delon says that their skin cream products are all based on botanical remedies and that they combine modern ingredients and formulas with herbal and floral treatments. Natural herbs are used which can deliver many great health benefits. They are environmentally friendly and cruelty free. Delon body butter is fast becoming one of the most popular skin creams in the world.


  1. I’m using dr mercola body butter and it is good for my skin. I just want to give you another option. It works fine with me. However, we really don’t know what product is best for us until we try it. don’t be afraid to try other products. i’ll try this one you suggested and be back soon and see what works best for my skin. thanks

  2. Delon is one of my preferred products. Before going to sleep as i have some sleep disorders i use it to relax my skin and my body. Good choice

  3. It says that these are cruelty-free but I wonder if they are suitable for vegans or if they contain any animal-derived ingredients such as lanolin or beeswax like many of these products tend to do?

  4. This seems like a great Christmas gift for my wife. I’ll have to look into it further and find some sales!

  5. I love Delon body butters! I actually discovered them at a huge sale (a local store was closing) and I found some for like $5. For a 6oz tub, I figured it was pretty good compared to The Body Shop butters which are about $20 each. I was skeptical though, because I hadn’t heard of “Delon” before and I figured nothing would rival my beloved Body Shop… wrong! I think they work equally well and give great results. However I wish they would make a “Satsuma” scent, thats my favorite Body Shop one!! lol I also wish they contained shea and cocoa butters like most of the Body Shop products, but for the price and results, I can’t complain! :)

  6. How long does it takes for the Body Butter to get in to the skin?

  7. Hey this is an interesting article.I have only tried Body Shop body butters and they’re great.But this Delon product sounds nice and I think I’m going to try one for myself.Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hey this is an interesting article.I have only tried Body Shop body butters and they’re great.But this Delon product sounds nice and I think I’m going to try one for myself.Thanks for sharing!!!!

  9. I am very much conscious for my skin as it is quite sensitive so I always care for it.It is good to read about Delon Body Butter.It is more interesting to know that its skin cream products are all based on botanical remedies.Its products seem safe and effective for skin.

  10. Super post! Your writing is so refreshing in comparison to most other bloggers. Thanks for writing when you get the chance to, I will be sure to return!

  11. Great articles,and nice review of the Delon body butter,never heard before but after seen the positive result can’t wait to use it.

  12. I love the scent of body butter lotion. I’m actually looking for different brands because I’m sort of experimenting with the different scents of butter lotion. I’ll try this Delon body butter cream. Thanks for the review and the recommendation.

  13. i’m a veggan and being a veggan means engaging in a more healthy lifestyle:”‘

  14. Anything that doesn’t have harsh ingredients is better to our skin and body. Thanks for recommending this.

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