Prescription Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are an important part of work health and safety, especially for people working with tools. Eye safety can be overlooked and it can be really dangerous in some work places. Prescription safety glasses are a really important piece of equipment. You can protect your eyes with a good pair of them. If you work with tools such as power tools, saws, axes or any kind of welding, then you really need to consider getting a pair of safety glasses. If you are working at home or in the workplace they are an essential piece of equipment. You can easily get some pretty hazardous particles flying into your face, and if they get into your eyes they can cause a lot of damage.

These style glasses aren’t the same as regular glasses; they have much larger and thicker frames. The lenses on safety glasses are much stronger than normal glasses and they are very impact resistant. They will protect your eyes a lot better. There is a standard that needs to be set for safety glasses to be able to go on the market. The lenses need to pass a drop ball test which means that a ball is dropped on it from a reasonable height and if it doesn’t break then it passes the test and can be put on the market. The frames are also heat resistant, and will protect from chemical splashes. They are made from polycarbonate lenses, which are stronger and more durable and much more impact resistant.

If you wear them you will protect your eyes from hazardous particles such as wood, dust or anything else you may be working with. You can injure your eye quite severely very easily because they are very sensitive. You can tear the epithelium, which will cause permanent eye damage. Prescription safety glasses will prevent this and are an essential piece of equipment for anyone working with tools or chemicals.


  1. We had these in the Navy. I needed cataract surgery in both eyes and it corrected my vision to the point that I can wear goggles without corrections. But it’s a great idea if you need corrections. I feel sorry for people without glasses or goggles.

  2. I wear glasses. I once used an angle-grinder without using safety goggles over them.

    A piece flew off the box I was grinding and chipped my glasses.

    I’m a bit more careful, now.

  3. I know what you are talking about TigerTom. It often happens with me too. Great thing these glasses are, i really advise everyone dealing with any kind of heavy work to get one. After all safety first.

  4. Hey, nice post. I use safety glasses a lot at my work, I work at a mill. So I know how useful they can be.

  5. I would never do anything without safety glasses after having 2 accidents in the space of 2 weeks going back about 20 years now.

    The first was when I was using a lathe and got a splinter of metal in my eye. I remember it was a Friday afternoon and it required a trip to the hospital, the removal of the splinter from my eye and an eye patch for a few days.

    You’d think I’d have learned, but exactly 2 weeks later I was cutting some plastic with a scalpel and the blade broke. Yes, you got it, it struck me in the OTHER eye!

    Again I went to the hospital, where they said I could have a local anaesthetic and an eyepatch. This time I refused as I needed to drive home, but that night I was in agony and so spent a few hours waiting my turn in casualty.

    Moral of the story – if you’re doing anything that may be dangerous for your eye health in any way, always wear safety glasses.

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