Senior Exercise Fitness

At every part of your life, the most important thing that is stressed is fitness and proper nutrition. These two aspects will not only reduce your stress levels, but it will also help to maintain your body weight and posture.

As we age, if we do not do anything to protect our posture, we will find that our bodies will start taking shape on its own without our control. Here are a couple exercises that a senior can do to help increase their overall fitness.

Stretching is wonderful as it helps to reduce injuries and gives you a great warm-up before your activity. All stretches should be performed nice and slow. You can begin by getting a chair, sit straight back against the chair with both of your feet planted on the ground. Keep your shoulders back and your head forward and focus on the wall that is in front of you.

Raise up your arms and interlock your fingers. While keeping your body aligned, raise your body gently and then come back to the center slowly. Next, you would lean to the left and then alternate to the right. If these are too easy, then you can also do this stretch by standing up; just make sure to keep your balance.

Swimming is the number one exercise. It gets all body parts involved. If you are not able to swim, then there are many water aerobic classes that are available. Using water as resistance can also help to build and tone your muscles.

Another exercise that seniors have been doing for awhile is to jog. Many elderly people participate in marathons yearly. It really isn’t far-fetched. You just need have the proper training and start slowly (just like any other activity).

Whatever exercise you plan on participating in, always remember to strengthen your core muscles to avoid any possible injuries of the back or spine. Picking up groceries or grandchildren will be less of a struggle as long as you take proper care of your fitness.

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