Senior Weight Lifting- Your Key To A Longer Life

It is a fact of nature – as we get older, our bones become more brittle, and muscles lose mass. It becomes harder to get around and everyday we chance injury through slips and falls. But does it have to be that way? Not at all. Senior weight lifting is very important as we age and is something to start right now.

Staying fit is extremely important for the elderly. Flexibility in our later years is something that does not come easily. Creating a regular exercise regime is the key to a more comfortable and enjoyable retirement. Whether your exercise plan includes aerobics, walking, biking or weight lifting, a well-balanced workout is important.

Senior weight lifting is going to be different for everyone. As with anything in life, moderation is important – what your neighbor considers a workout might not be the best for you. Becoming active on a daily basis – within your means – can lead to increased lifespan. Bones and muscles deteriorate the older we get and by lifting weights, it is possible to tone your muscles, increasing muscle mass. In turn, stronger muscles will support your bones and help prevent further loss of bone mass. You will have less chance of breaks due to osteoporosis or accidents.

A regular weight lifting routine will increase your energy levels, provide your body with good circulation and develop better flexibility. Getting around will be easier and you probably will enjoying day to day activities much more.

Whether you go to the gym and are lifting weights or get your exercise lifting bags of groceries, there will be a plan that works best for you. Involving a friend or two can also help. Getting together to exercise not only is more enjoyable and keeps you on track, but the social aspects are a great benefit!

I cannot stress that you need to start your senior weight lifting exercise plan today. Waiting until some point later in the week will turn into sometime this month or next month and you will just keep putting it off. A healthier retirement is something to look forward to and waiting is not something you have time to do. For more information on key components of senior weight lifting, click here. It is in your best interest to get going now – take that first step to a healthier future.


  1. I couldn’t agree more. I lift my weights at home every day and I take creatine which is also good for older people who exercise as it helps recovery. I feel strong and fit for my age and look a lot better for it.

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