Facial Exercises for Double Chin Removal

Exercises are indeed perfect for developing the muscles of your body. Then again, did you know that there are actually exercises that are meant specifically for developing the muscles of the face? Yes that is true! You might find it a bit hard to imagine and you might also question their authenticity and ask do facial exercise work, but truthfully, facial exercises can improve as well as enhance the features of face and make you look young and vibrant.

What most people do not recognize is the fact that the face is made up of about fifty or more muscles and that you can manipulate these muscles, just the same as those in the other parts of your body. Facial exercises can trim and tone these muscles; thereby giving you an outstanding facial expression! Here listed in this article are two great facial exercises that can help you in terms of how to get rid of double chin. If you want to define your jaw line, these are the right exercises that you can follow. Read on!

The first facial firming routine that you can try can be performed anywhere you please and either standing up or in a seated position. To begin, slowly tilt back your head. Firmly, but gently pull down the skin of your neck and hold it that way. Meanwhile, open your mouth as wide as possible and then close it firmly. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and then simply release. Relax for a couple of minutes and then repeat the entire process.

For the next, you need to do this while lying comfortably on your back. Without shrugging or moving your shoulders; lift your head up and press the bottom of your chin against your upper chest. Hold this posture for a few seconds then lower your head back down. Relax again for a few minutes and simply repeat the process.


  1. I hate to look at my photos lately because I see my double chin. Something that I don’t have before. I’ll absolutely try this facial exercises. Thanks.

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