How To Use Travel Time to Your Advantage

You’d be amazed at how many thousands of mile trips I’ve taken over the past twelve months in my pursuit of fat loss excellence.That’s twenty four airports at least that were able to experience my presence as I build the best fat loss programs around. You can travel and still lose 20 pounds.

I’ve had the first hand encounter with the adverse circumstances presented to the traveler who’s trying to stay fit. I mean, when you travel, you can be stuck in airports for the major part of the day only to fly for half an hour or an hour or two.

You’ll see your fat content of your body increase with the fat content of the food you eat at the airport. Even worse, it’s easy to get depressed and discouraged while living at an airport.

What you need to do is look for fruit, nuts, and grilled meats while you’re at the airport.

Laziness is another problem especially when you get to the hotel since there’s all types of barriers to overcome to exercise. What you need to keep in mind is that you have your body and that’s all the equipment you need to stay in shape. You can check the weight loss forum for travel horror stories.

That’s right: you don’t need machines, a gym, or even a weight set. I’m going to give you a few more pointers here that will help you stay out of the fat trap while traveling.

One: Bring some nutritious food with you packed in backs of measured portions.

Avoid being forced off the straight and narrow by bringing fruits, nut-based items, green teas, and other healthy things to eat. Two: You want to avoid airline food and eat your own health items that will prevent you from losing grouund on your fitness plans.3 Stay at hotel locations that are nearest fitness centers that you are familiar with, or select one that is known for its in-house facilities. Keep a disciplined routine on the road and you’ll maintain rapid weight loss.

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