No More Itching. It’s No Accident. In 5 Days, I Can Show You How To Cure Yeast Infection

When faced with a yeast infection most doctors will simply prescribe an oral medication or topical treatment. They by no means guarantee the desired outcome, and many are prohibitively expensive.

We describe below 10 treatments you can try at home right now.

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1. Proper hygiene should be considered the most important factor in treating an infection.. Yeast loves dark, moist areas of the body. Keeping the infected area clean and dry may be all that is required to combat it.

2. Avoid any kinds of anti biotics unless specifically told by your doctor that they will not aggravate a yeast infection. Anti biotics have an undesirable side effect of killing the good bacteria in the gut. Yeast growth is checked by these good bacteria.

3. A Candida specific diet will often help.

this will mean avoiding sugars.

not taking food with high yeast content like pastries, bread, beer and cheese.

do not take any foods with a high lactose content.

Get plenty of water.

Another good cleansing product is herbal teas.

This diet includes all vegetables.

Most protein sources are ok like various meats and also poultry.

Try to avoid sugary fruit, cranberries are especially good.

In sticking to this diet even after the symptoms have gone will go a long way to preventing a reoccurence of the infection.

4. Try the following appiled locally to the infection, a paste made from garlic cloves, extracted extra virgin coconut oil or tea tree oil that has been diluted down. Dilute it with a little olive oil if you

have nothing else at hand. All of these are extremely potent anti fungacides.

5. Apply yoghurt to a tampon and insert it into the vagina to sooth any irritation presently there. You can do this twice a day or even leave it overnight.

6. Eating licorice can help replenish estrogen levels in women whose levels have dropped during an infection, in addition it can actually stimulate hormones to readjust your natural levels.

7. Try taking drinks heavy in electrolytes. Add the juice of half a lemon to a glass of filtered water. Cletci Sea Salt contains 84 minerlas so add a pinch to the water. Do your best to drink 6 of these during the day.

8. A natural colon cleanse will prepare your digestive to more readily accept friendly bacteria. Use recipes heavy on garlic, apple cider vinegar, cayenne peppers, and oregano oil.

9. Strengthen the availability of good bacteria in the gut with live active yoghurt. Ensure this is not sweetened.

10. Wear loose fitting clothing to get the air flow moving about the infected areas, as this will help to keep them dry.

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