Genital Warts Explained

Statistically, the most frequently diagnosed std among adults and teenagers is genital warts. This embarrassing and sometimes painful condition is tremendously contagious, along with being easily passed from one sexual partner to another. Conventional treatments for genital warts can be effective for removing the growths, but they cannot get rid of the underlying cause.

Where do genital warts originate from?

Genital warts develop from an extremely contagious virus known as HPV, which is short for human papillomavirus. HPV can be found virtually everywhere, and it can lie dormant on top of your skin for a long time without causing any symptoms.

It is passed from one person to an alternative through sexual contact, and it can be transferred even if no warts are present. Some people carry the HPV virus without being aware that they have it; while quite a few individuals are tormented by outbreaks of warts, some individuals never experience symptoms whatsoever.

How are genital warts diagnosed?

Healthcare provider can ordinarily diagnose warts using a simple visual exam and a description of one’s symptoms, although in some cases, a biopsy might be performed by subtracting a little skin sample for lab testing.

Genital warts can appear within the vagina, around the penis, in the thighs, and around the anus; they generally present as small, pink bumps and may possess a rough surface.

Warts might cause some discomfort during sex, and when they become irritated, they will often bleed.

Which are the most commonly encountered wart treatments?

The standard means of removing genital warts involve detaching the wart and a small amount of the nearby skin.

Wart removal techniques include:

Cauterization (burning) of the wart using an electrical current;

Freezing the wart with a chemical solution;

Cutting the wart out by using a surgical tool;

Applying prescription creams to the warts which form a blister around the wart and allow it to be pulled off.

Unfortunately, these procedures can just remove the warts, without destroying the Human papilloma virus that creates them.

Can there be any way to remove the HPV virus permanently?

The good thing is that there’s now a therapy that will completely cure this embarrassing skin ailment, without resorting to uncomfortable medical procedures or strong medications.

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