How to treat Angular Cheilitis naturally

Angular Cheilitis needs to be treated right.

It seems that totally eliminating the fungal bacteria which are responsible for angular cheilitis can often not be achieved with modern chemical medicines (hydro cortisone et al.).

It just doesn’t seem to work in many cases. It is also known that drugs like antibiotics can cause side-effects which we want to avoid.

We are in luck because we have a choice of several natural ways to treat Angular Cheilitis today.

There are some methods to treat the condition which are natural, for example herbal medicines and certain home remedies.

Root cause for Angular Cheilitis is bacteria living in a moist environment.

We know that the root cause for the cheilitis is a form of fungal bacteria, the bacteria which survives in a moist environment, such as at the corners of the mouth. In fact, fungal bacteria simply cannot survive without such an environment.

It is obvious that some of the most effective ways to heal and treat Angular Cheilitis is based on drying out the breeding ground for those bacteria. If the moist environment is taken away, the bacteria cannot survive and thus the Angular Cheilitis can be cured.

There are some important aspects to consider when we are using such dry-out methods:

Angular Cheilitis by definition means cracks and lesions around the mouth, those are actually characteristic for the condition. It should be obvious that we do not want the cracks and lesions to become worse than what they are already.

You can not simply use a medicine which would further dry out the affected area, this would simply make things worse and not help with the healing process.

Do not use Ointments or Cold Sore Treatments for your Cheilitis

Cold sore treatments usually come in the form of lotions or creams. The problem now is that Cheilitis is caused by fungus or bacteria which needs moisture so survive. The bacteria like and live in the moist environment. Without moisture they cannot survive.

A good and effective Angular Cheilitis treatment must take this into account. Using natural methods we can avoid the problem of drying out skin even more.

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