Kick That Nasty Smoking Habit With These 3 Simple Steps

Find the common denominator for each of the following situations:

a. At work, drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette during breaks.

b. Smoking a stick of cigarette completes a meal.

c. At home or at work, dealing with stress through smoking.

d. Smoking while drinking alcoholic drinks, and

e. Hanging out with friends who are heavy drinkers.

In these activities we have seen that indeed, smoking is a hard habit to break. These are very common among smokers. They become dependent to cigarette in almost everything they do. With the alarming cases of health damage issues caused by smoking, anti-smoking campaigns have proliferated in the recent years.

There are ways for someone to quit smoking like avoidance of doing activities that involve smoking. If you want to quit and still be exposed with the above activities, chances are, you are still guaranteed to fail. There are three easy approaches proven work if you are trying to quit smoking. These are the following:

1. Try Smoking Aids

This aid helps the body and mind to lose nicotine dependency. The most popular tool to stop nicotine addiction is the electronic cigarette or safe cigarette. This is proven to be a safer and healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. Different levels of nicotine solution are available to remedy the gradual and gentle withdrawal to nicotine addiction. Smoking aids like nicotine patches and nicotine gums/candies can also be used.

2. Set your Target Date

Be firm as to when you would want to quit smoking. Choose a definite date and follow it strictly. Choose the time or period in your life wherein you are not so stressful. It’s not advisable to quit smoking when you have all the deadlines and pressures of work as these will only trigger you to smoke. Most smokers are prone to smoking especially in times of stress, as they view cigarettes as their loyal and quiet companion.

3. Classify Yourself as a Non-smoker

Smoking is pleasurable, it cannot be denied. Try saying, “No thanks. I don’t smoke¦anymore”, when offered a cigarette. This approach can really help. This is a kind of a mental trick for you to successfully break the habit. The urge to smoke should be controlled. Increase your willpower to attain success in quitting smoking.

Your health is at stake therefore know the benefits of good health. Check out the safe cigarette available in the market today, then set your target date and start to classify yourself as a non-smoker! You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain when you kick the bad habit.

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