Learn about the chest bones and temporal bone

The thorax region of the human body is very important for survival and life. In this thorax region, the organs of the circulatory system and respiratory system are housed. In order to protect one of the http://iga.edu/essays-for-sale/ most vital regions in the body, the body has developed an impressive array of defenses. At the top of the list of the bodies defenses are the bones. In the thorax or chest region, the chest bones can be found.

Many people know what the skeletal system bones look like. However few know their structure and composition. The skeletal bones are created primarily from calcium phosphate that creates connective tissue.. Every bone in the body has a slightly different shape and size, which is controlled by the genetic code. Protection, support, and shape are some of the significant importance’s of the skeletal bones.

One of the most important functions Is the production of red blood cells and white blood cells. The bone marrow is located in the center of many bones in the skeleton. Red blood cells and white blood cells are produced in this region. The red blood cells are very important because they transport O2, also known as oxygen, to all regions of the body. White blood cells are very important in that they defend the body against invaders and pathogens.

In the chest, there are 25 bones. The ribs make up the majority of the bones found in the chest. There are twenty four rib bones in the chest. The other bone of the chest is the sternum. These chest bones are essential in the protection of the lungs and heart. The ribs are slightly curved bones that form a cage across the chest. The rib skeletal bones also allow breathing by contracting and expanding the chest. The sternum lies at the center of the chest, protecting the heart.

Humans would find it very difficult to survive without the protection of the thorax bones. The lack of the chest bones would allow the easy damage of the circulatory and respiratory organs. Thus through evolution, the body has developed these defense mechanisms to protect the vital organs. The thorax bones are responsible for 25 out of 206 bones in the human body skeleton.

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