A Young Woman Receives Counseling For Her Manic Depression, For Her Drug Addiction and Alcoholism, and For Her Grief About Her Marital Issues and Her Divorce

Approximately five weeks ago I read about a twenty-six-year-old lady named Rachael who is bipolar and who is also dependent on alcohol and drugs. I have read that in such situations, a person needs to get counseling for both medical situations and that mental health issues and dependency commonly occur in the same individual. In addiction, I remember hearing that a history of excessive and abusive drinking, drug addiction, and/or mental health issues routinely take testosterone vs cialis place in the same family.

Apparently, Rachael is so overwhelmed by both of her medical issues and her relationship difficulties that she, for all intents and purposes, has no drive to do much of anything. What is especially sad about this is that earlier in her life, Rachael finished two-and-a-half years viagra online of college. Rachael’s situation makes me question if she is an illustration of a person who has to hit life’s bottom before he or she gets drug and alcohol counseling that leads to long lasting sobriety.

The Need For a Therapist She Trusts and a Rehab Program She Can Believe In

If I were in communication with Rachael I could recommend several websites that could possibly help her find info about addiction and alcoholic behavior, significant chemical dependency information, facts about alcoholism and drugs, more information about addiction symptoms and alcoholism warning signs, and relationship info. In my honest opinion, nonetheless, Rachael needs to find a healthcare professional she trusts and a rehabilitation protocol she can believe in is generic viagra available and follow through over the long term. I could be incorrect but it seems logical to conclude that Rachael more likely than not needs to accept the fact that she cannot drink at all or use drugs if she wants to get sober, stay sober, and start on the path to long-lasting recovery.

I am aware that there are some recently produced doctor-prescribed meds that can help Rachael through the drug and alcohol detox process, through her withdrawal symptoms, and help her avoid an alcohol or a drug relapse. Obviously it would be in Rachael’s best interests if she became conversant with these drugs.

It is fairly obvious that Rachael needs to cialis help paying concede the fact that there is utterly nothing constructive about hazardous drinking and substance abuse and that involving herself in one or both conditions is the map to poor work and school performance, shattered relationships, legal problems, financial difficulties, a premature death, and deteriorating health.

The Relevance of Recovery Groups Such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous

There are realistically a lot of persons such as viagra family members, friends, and other individuals who would like to help Rachael but she more likely than not would experience greater acceptance from a recovery group such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous rather than listening to individuals who do not drink or who have never used drugs.

When Individuals Do Things They Like and About Which They Are Ardent

There’s a philosophical viewpoint that proclaims that individuals who do things they like and something about which they are fervent reach a fantastic place in life. Stated more exactly, when people do what they enjoy, they almost never experience boredom or an uneventful life. If they involve themselves in something that is gratifying, what is more, they become more fulfilled and experience more satisfaction and delight in life and in their relationships.

To me, this sounds like the exact opposite of a life that is rooted in drug and alcohol dependency because such a lifestyle removes the contentment and joy that life has to offer.

Because Rachael doesn’t have the determination to do much of anything in her life, it is obvious that she definitely needs some hope for does kamagra work a better lifestyle. And the sad thing is that hope is virtually everywhere around Rachael if she could only get to the point in life to get the counseling she requires for her bipolar illness and drug addiction and alcohol dependency and stick with her treatment protocol.

Stronger Relationships, Beneficial Change, Self Respect, and a Meaningful Life Are a Reality

Rachael is simply too young to be beaten in life. She doesn’t comprehend this right now but if she can learn how to abstain from alcohol and drugs through drug and alcohol therapy and get the treatment she needs for her bipolar problem, she can redirect her life and start living with passion, direction, and with self-respect.

Better relationships, a wonderful life, self respect, and productive change are certainly a reality for Rachael if only she could become inspired to seek the medical rehab she requires, follow through with her treatment program, live her life in a healthy and drug and alcohol-free manner, and cultivate a more positive attitude about her existence.

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