Got Vitiligo? Here Are 3 Treatment Choices You Could Examine

Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes loss of a skin pigment called melanin and results in formation of white patches on the skin over a period of time. Though a permanent cure for vitiligo has not been discovered so far, the external symptoms can be treated to some extent.

One of the commonly used techniques to treat vitiligo symptoms is that of skin grafting, wherein melanin rich skin is grafted onto the areas affected by vitiligo – examine thermage for supplemental info regarding this issue. The grafted skin has plenty of melanocytes that help in the creation of fresh melanin, which in turn helps the whitened skin to regain its natural colour. However, the results of this treatment vary according to the severity of the disease.

There is another effective option for treatment of vitiligo known as phototherapy, which makes use of light to reduce the intensity of the problem – visit vitiligo treatment for supplemental points related to this issue. This technique energizes and stimulates the melanocytes by using ultraviolet rays. A similar therapy is one that makes use of laser in place of ultraviolet light. These alternatives have not only been reported to be more effective but are also devoid of any side effects whatsoever.

There are also some herbal remedies that can be very effective. Natural treatments of vitiligo using herbs have been in use for ages, and have been found to treat not just the external symptoms but to some degree even the root causes. One of the common herbal methods is the Chinese herbal cure that utilizes psoralen rich seed extracts.

If the condition has become grave and the patches have spread all over the body, it is often advisable to get melanin removed from the unaffected parts of the body rather than treating all the patches. This not only brings uniformity in skin colour but also gives mental relief to the affected person. However, this should be kept as the last option and used only in very serious cases where no other treatment can work.

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