My Secret Travel Workouts

The hotel’s gym probably sucks, but you don’t have to let that stop you from burning flab and gaining muscle as you travel.I just got off a four day trip and even though I was tied up for most of it, I was able to stay fit and burn fat while I was gone.I enjoy rapid weight loss.

The first night I did dumbbell swinging with some push ups to replace the regular KB moves I do at home. Friday’s workout was a fast-paced fat-burn and muscle-build in the hotel’s gym using megasets of high-rep DB pressing, splitting squat reps and top half drills.

In spite of the fact that the gear in the room wasn’t worth anything, I got a decent workout done within 30 minutes time.I think they should junk the equipment and the aerobic gear and get some decent DBs. The ultra light DBs forced me to do a lot of repetitions to compensate.

What I’m saying is that you can get creative and still keep your body in good shape even when you’re out of town.

There was a famous wrestling athlete speaking on Friday morning who roused me out of complacency to go ahead and work out that day even though I didn’t feel

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like it. He set the example: he came in to the resort after two in the morning and still went to the pool and did some workouts rather than go to bed. That kind of committment will help you lose 20 pounds.

Surely you are equally as committed to fitness as this guy was. I really had to fight slothfulness the next morning because I was supposed to leave and I didn’t want to get saddled by a training session.

Still, I broke down and forced myself to exercise.

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did a seven hundred fifty repetition challenge in my room.After doing lunges, stick-ups, push-ups, and more, I was ready to go. Share your experiences in the weight loss forum.

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