Smoking: The Worst Habit You Can Get Hooked To And Its Deadly Effects

One of the most dangerous habits and one of the worst things that you can get hooked to is smoking. Smoking is linked to many health complications and has a number of short and long term effects on health. These effects should be well understood by both smokers and non-smokers as well, so that they may be able to understand the perils brought about by smoking.

Smokers may experience the short term and even the immediate effects of smoking. As a matter of fact, just puffing one cigarette alone, even for the first time can cause elevation in the blood pressure and quicken heart rate. There will be a decrease in blood flow to the body extremities and they may also experience nausea and dizziness.

Smokers may also have to face numerous issues when it comes to aesthetic sense. Normally, smokers may have yellow stained teeth, stains on fingers, reduced fitness and even smell like an ashtray. The smoke of the cigarette is really strong that it can leave a smoke smell on clothes, hair and skin.

The long term effects of smoking may as well be experienced by smokers such as agitation, increased nervousness and tension, shortness of breath, changes in sleep patterns, trouble concentrating, cancer, particularly lung cancer. They may also develop health problems like emphysema, heart attack, coronary disease and stroke. Smoking is the leading cause of cancers like cancer of the lung, throat, mouth, kidney, cervix,

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bladder and stomach. These are the probable long term effects that may be experienced by smokers.

Though smoking is widely known to be a bad habit, yet many are addicted to it and find themselves having a hard time to break the habit. This is because of nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance or drug found in cigarettes. It makes people want to crave for more. If you find yourself struggling to cease smoking, then you need to know that you are not alone and you do not have to go through it alone. Today, there are countless ways and stop-smoking aids available that you can make use of to help you get nicotine fix and effectively quit smoking. These include stop smoking patch, pill and gum. Or you may also use the revolutionary smoking alternative called the or the safe cig.

Aside from those options, you may also try to sign up and join support groups and stop smoking classes or try hypnosis. It doesn’t matter what steps you are trying to take to quit smoking, the main thing is that you are taking steps toward quitting.

The smoking effects may well vary from individual to individual however you need to realize that smoking can do you no good. There is nothing positive to get from smoking. If you are already smoking, now is the right time to consider giving it up immediately.

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