The Pitfalls of Bad Oral Hygiene

I am sure at one point in your life you have seen an oral hygiene public service announcement. These are usually targeted towards children during Saturday morning cartoons or in elementary school. They would talk about the importance of brushing and flossing and even demonstrate how to properly do both.

In this article we will look at what happens when a person doesn’t follow those simple steps of oral hygiene. The last resort for people that have horrible teeth is to have them all pulled and replaced with dentures. This doesn’t sound so bad but let’s take a closer look at what happens to our mouths when we have false teeth.

The teeth in all our mouths help to support our lips and overall mouth appearance. Granted we will get wrinkles and age lines around the creases of the mouth but overall it will look like a normal set of lips. When we have the teeth removed the lips begin to sag and age rapidly. Without the support of real teeth the bone will also start to deteriorate. Even with false teeth the bone loss is imminent.

This bone loss will require that the person go in every few years to have the dentures refitted to accommodate the new space between the gums and the false teeth. If the person takes too long to have the dentures refitted the gums will start to grow out filling in the gap. This sounds good but the new gums will be too soft to properly support dentures and will become a source of agitation for the gums.

Dentures are not the happy ending to a life of neglect that we may think it is. They are the consequences of not taking care of our teeth while we have them. Teeth can remain healthy for as long as we take care of them and all it takes are those simple little steps—brushing twice a day and flossing once.

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