The Widespread Usage Of Generic Prescriptions

The usage of generic drugs is quite common in this day and age. Oftentimes the pharmacist will fill a prescription with a non brand name instead of the name brand unless the doctor specifically orders the latter. Using these medications should be up to the patient to decide.

Generically made medications are available these days thanks to free enterprise and American ingenuity. Brand name companies used to control the market in days gone past, but now other manufacturers have come forth giving the American public choices. This is as it should be in America.

Unless you have an allergy reaction when taking these generic drugs, they are a good item to buy and use. The pharmacist is more likely to carry them, whereas he may have to order some other medications. This could cause it to take more time for you to receive your prescription; especially if it is the first time you are ordering it from this pharmacy.

Saving money from their pocket is the main reason most people prefer using these. The no name brands are typically less expensive than the branded ones as you are paying for the name and its reputation. Walk into any grocery store and you will see it on all the shelves, it is no different in the pharmacy. Being on a fixed income the decision you make about going the less expensive route could be critical to your budget, especially if you must take these on a continual basis.

There are occasions where generics are not as strong as their branded counterparts, although this tends to be the exception rather than the rule. Your pharmacist should be able to tell you if there is any difference in the strengths between the two. He can also give you other information, such as if there are side effects that are different than those of the brand name.

Ask your doctor about the strength of this particular medication. Tell him you want to purchase the generically made one and ask if he has any objections to the substitution. Most physicians will order the generics unless there is a medical reason not to. Since you are the one footing the bill, make sure the reasons are medical, not just because they do not want to change their ways.

These facts are also true of over the counter drugs you find at the store. You will find the store brand of any medication usually works just as well as the name brand. With the economy what it is and money tight, using the over the counter generically made item is a cost effective decision, helping your budget stretch further.

It’s no surprise using generic drugs is widespread these days. More people jump on the bandwagon, as they need to tighten their financial belts. Asking the proper questions of the pharmacist and physician will help the customer come to an informed decision on the usage of these generic drugs.

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