There Should Be No Need For Pensioners To Have To Choose Between Food And Heating Oil Say SNP

The leader of the SNP, Alex Salmond, has stated that there needs to be changes made for pensioners. One of the points he made was that pensioners need to choose between heating oil and food. The SNP have indicated that they are keen to make changes to this and they want to do all they can to improve the situation for those they view as most in need, by increasing their winter payments.

It isn’t only in Scotland that pensioners have to choose between food and heating oil. This is a similar problem for pensioners all over the UK. When demand for heating oil increases in the winter, prices rise and this is when the problems start. Last winter was particularly bad weather wise and many pensioners struggled to make it through.

Although the idea that pensioners have to choose between heating and food is quite shocking to most of us, the

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fact is that it is fast becoming a reality. Many pensioners die during the winter months; quite a few of these do so because of lack of heating. Many of these have heating in the home but they are just afraid to turn it on because of the costs involved. And if heating oil continues to rise, this problem will only get bigger and bigger.

Home heating is not a luxury during the winter months. As temperatures plummet it means that staying warm becomes a matter of survival. And keeping the home warm is a simple, convenient thing to do in this day and age. That is provided that you can afford to pay for it. This problem needs to be tackled and hopefully whoever is in power after the General Election will do something about it. The way we look after the older generation reflects our society.

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