Have you taken a look at your bones? Understand hyoid anatomy and chest bones

The chest is one of the most significant locations in the human body. The chest houses your lungs, heart, and vital arteries that carry blood to the rest of your body. In order to protect one of the most vital regions in the body, the body has developed an impressive array of defenses. The bones are one of the most significant protections of the body. In the thorax or chest region, the chest bones can be found.

Many people know what the skeletal system bones look like. However few know their structure and composition. The bones are formed from calcium phosphate and a type of dense connective tissue. Each bone has a unique shape, determined by the genetic code that leads to the formation of the bones. The bones of the body function in protecting the body and providing the body's shape.

Another key function of the bone that most people neglect or fail to realize is the production of red and white blood cells. In the center of most bones lies a substance known as bone marrow. Red blood cells and white blood cells are produced in this region. These red blood cells are very significant for the body's function because the carry oxygen to cells in the body. The white blood cells are also very important for bodily function because How do u buy propecia in canada these cells play a role in defendin

g the body f

rom pathogens.

In the chest, there are 25 bones. The ribs make up the majority of the bones found in the chest. There are twenty four rib bones in the chest. Along with the ribs, one sternum bone can be found. These chest bones are essential in the protection of the lungs and heart. The ribs are curved skeletal bones that form a structure known as the rib cage around the lungs and heart. The rib skeletal bones also allow breathing by contracting and expanding the chest. While the ribs form a cage around the vital organs, the sternum is found in the middle of chest.

Humans would find it very difficult to survive without the protection

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of the thorax bones. Without these bones, vital organs such as the heart and lungs could be compromised. Therefore, in order to protect itself, the body has devised these bones to defend the organs. The chest bones account for a total of 25 bones out of the 206 bones in the human skeleton.

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