Have you taken a look at your bones? Understand middle ear bones and chest bones

The chest is one of the most important regions in your body and for good reason too. In this thorax region, the organs of the circulatory system and respiratory system are housed. The body has developed a series of defenses to protect one of the most significant regions in the body. The human skeleton bones are one of the top defenses of the body. In the thorax or chest region, the chest bones can be found.

Many people know what the skeletal system bones look like. However, not many people know the structure of these bones. The bones are created from a special type of tissue, known as dense connective tissue.. Each bone has a unique shape, determined by the genetic code that leads to the formation of the bones. The bones of the body function in protecting the body and providing the body’s shape.

Although the bones play essential roles in protection, another vital function of the bones are creation of white and red blood cells. A soft region, known as the bone marrow, is located at the center of many skeletal bones. Red blood cells, also known as RBC’s, and white blood cells, also known as WBC’s, are produced in this bone marrow region. Red blood cells are very important in that they carry oxygen to other cells in the body. White blood cells are very important in that they defend the body against invaders and pathogens.

Twenty five skeletal bones are found in the chest region. Of all the bones in the chest, twenty four of these bones are known as the ribs. The body contains two sets of ribs on each side of the chest. Along with the ribs, one sternum bone can be found. These twenty five thorax bones are very significant in protecting the organs of the respiratory and circulatory system. The ribs are slightly curved bones that form a cage across the chest. Along with protecting the heart and lungs, the ribs allow breathing by expanding and compressing. While the ribs form a cage around the vital organs, the sternum is found in the middle of chest.

Without these chest bones, human existence would be greatly compromised. Without these bones, vital organs such as the heart and lungs could be compromised. Since evolution drives organisms to survive, humans have evolved to develop these thorax bones to protect the lungs and heart. The chest bones account for a total of 25 bones out of the 206

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bones in the human skeleton.

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