How To Lose Pounds Without Equipment

You carry with you enough weight to use in your fitness program. This means you don’t need any equipment or even a gym membership. Because you always have your gear with you, you can exercise anywhere.You’re not going to need conventional aerobic moves with this kind oof workout. In fact, you can work anyhwere you want to because your body is your portable gym. You can always learn more at

I’m going to tell you why you are able to lose weight only with your body. Number One: You can work your entire body using body weight routines, and that’s what it takes to get your body weight under control. You don’t need any machines and you don’t need any gadgets. All you need is you. To get the best series of movements, you should select three for your top half and three for your bottom half.

When you’ve gotten your program started, you need to alternate from the top to the bottom. This lets one part of you rest while the other part of you works, giving you a high level of efficiency for your workout. Do ten

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reps for each movement without taking any time to recover. When you get through the whole circuit of six exercises, then you should take a break for a few seconds to rest. You can lose 20 pounds now.

Keep going through your circuit over and over again until you’ve worked for twenty minutes.

Number Two: Metabolic benefits of body mass exerciseswhen you work out with strengthening exercise and intervals you will boost your metabolic rate so that you will continue burning calories even after your work out session is done.

Number Three: Muscles are built when you work out with your body mass. This helps give your body a solid, sexy look rather than the saggy fatty look of an untrained body. You can share your experiences in the best weight loss forum.

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