Learn Effective Fat Burning Drills

The mail I get is incredible: people promoting the same old cardiovascular traditions and marketing them as a new breakthrough in fitness. The truth is that traditional cardio workouts suck and they waste time and they aren’t going to help you. Reveal your cardio experiences in the weight loss forum.

Now I can tell you about one more study where cardio was done with alternating intensity to burn fat effectively.To illustrate what I’m talking about, you need to consider research that had people powering a bicyle at a two-thirds capacity speed for a one-hour period.

Keeping the intensity the same, the hour was split into two 30 minute rides with a twenty minute rest in between.Surprisingly, each group used up the same calorie count even though one split the effort into two.

What was also proven, however, was that the group that split up the hour of biking burned about 50% more fat in the after math.

I don’t think this means a lot at all. To begin with, neither one of these approaches would do as much good as a 1/3 hour of interval training. Cardio will not promote rapid weight loss.

Another thing is that I can’t see anyone wanting to work out this way. Besides, it takes more time. Finally, when you check out the calorie difference between the two, the percentages sound like a lot, but the actual difference is probably about 50 calories.

When you see people there at the fitness center, what do you tell the pople waiting around reading as they burn those fifty extra calories between their cardio iterations?

I don’t have the time to sit around reading magazines that long, do you?The experts in aerobic exercises confirm what I say themselves with their ridiculous stuidies that do nothing but waste people’s time. Only intervals will help you lose 20 pounds.

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