My Secret Weight Loss Rule

We have learned that traditional aerobic routines are not going to solve the fat problem.Circuit, interval, and strength workouts seem to be the best answer to fat. They also will help you lose 20 pounds.

Here I’m going to tell you about the most up to date research that reveals the truth.Some Brazillian researchers compared the techniques for exercising based on how they worked against fat.

This program took twelve weeks to see how people responed to the different ways to exercise. There was one section of people who were used as a reference, another that did aerobics for over half an hour 3 days out of seven, and then another one that was using circuits by using over half their maximum weight for more than half an hour.

What really surprised the researchers is that by the end of the study the weight lifters were just as aerobically fit as those who were training with aerobics.

Both groups boosted lower body strength equally, but the circuit-based group had the additional benefit of a stronger upper body. This kind of performance should be disappointing to those who think that they’re getting a lot of benefit from their aerobic routines: they could be getting a lot more benefit from the same amount of time invested in exercise. You can talk about this in the weight loss forum.

This is good news for people who have a limited time to exercise and thus cannot maintain two separate workout tracks.Fundamentally, the common, boring aerobic method of exercise is going to give you nothing but lost time, while exercising with resistance-based circuits will help you build strength and a leaner body.

You should select the row, the squat, the push-up done moderately intense and with very little rest between the sets. This will result with fat burning, weight loss, and increase strength. This type of routine will deliver rapid weight loss.

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