Prevent piles through diet and water

In this day and age most people live a working life. We sit all day in the office tapping away on our keyboards starring into our computer monitors. But did you know that sitting down all day is a very important factor that causes haemorrhoids, or piles to grow. Suffering from piles and treating piles is one of those subjects that people don’t want to talk about, but chances are, a large number of us will need to deal with piles at some time during our adult lives.

The first thing we can all do to reduce the chances of us getting piles and needing piles treatment is to know and put into action the techniques and good habits that will prevent piles from appearing on our bottoms. Therefore this article has been written with the aim of giving some great piles treatment solutions for both long term and short term piles.

As one would expect due to its qualities and being good for bruises and injuries, ice is very effective at slowing blood down and to help with bleeding piles. It is excellent as a good immediate piles treatment. However, it’s impossible to make sure ice is on hand everywhere you go and at all times.

Over the counter medicines can be effective and have good short term effectiveness. But it is worth noting that the effects of medicines usually take effect in hours but last for days. On the other hand ice takes effect in seconds and lasts for up to sixty minutes.

Whilst the immediate and short term solutions outlined above can be useful, the ultimate aim of piles treatment is to find a long term solution to the problem. There are some good alternative treatment for piles available online and they all revolve around diet.

It’s very important that you eat a diet that is rich in fibre and always make sure you drink plenty of water. All of these simple things will stop constipation which for most, is the most likely cause for hemorrhoids or piles.

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