Chocolate Spa Treatments

A new craze has hit many people who like to have those spa treatments and jet out on those Caribbean spa holidays and those Thailand spa holidays. You are going to get very messy and possibly feel a bit uncomfortable with chocolate slapped all over you so are there actually any benefits to treatments such as this one?

The coca butter that is extracted from the beans that actually go towards making chocolate actually help to soften the skin if you rub them in. It would seem that eating chocolate will make things very spotty for you but if you rub them all over your body it would seem it has the reverse effect. Has anyone tried this one out??

There seem to be a fair few treatments out there that have a lot to do with chocolate and here are a few. The cocoa bath seems to be the most popular and w

ithin this you actually sit in a bath full of milk and chocolate for around quarter of an hour. This is said to actually soften up the skin for some of the other treatments on offer.

A bean polish is next on the list and this is basically 30 minutes of skin exfoliation using the coca bean husks and walnut shells.

Diabetes anyone, yes that's right, it would seem that this is a major flaw in the whole chocolate spa thing? The skin takes all of this stuff in right well surely if you have a disease like diabetes you are not going to be able to have some of these spa treatments without getting seriously ill. Make sure that you check out things like things like this with your Doctor before you actually go ahead.

Eating the treatments is another problem and this would most certainly happen with me!

If this isn't your thing then try one of those India spa holidays.