Home Remedies for Acne Scars

No person enjoys looking at the mirror hours on end and asking who the person staring back is. Well, were it not for the scars that appear to be like points on a topographical map, no pun intended, you can easily accept that the individual looking back is in fact you.

Acne can really get embarrassing, especially when it's full blown and severe, all over the face, down your back to upper chest and shoulders. You for that reason need home remedies to clear acne scarring. The treatments are called home since they are affordable and easy to come up with.

The wonder of fresh limes and lemons

It is all about the squeeze. Clean fresh lemons in flowing water to get rid of bacteria and then slice them up. Squeeze the fruit juice out into a nice and clean bowl. With a cotton swab, dub the juice directly on your acne scars. Don’t off right away, let the juice sink into the skin.

Wash off with plenty of water after a while. This juice improves the darker scars and spots by taking away the dark hue.

Rosewater and Sandalwood

You don't need to go to a chemistry class to make this celebrex without prescription paste. The ingredients are affordable and easily accessible. Mix rosewater and sandalwood to make a fine paste that can be used as a facial mask. Ä°mmediately apply the mask on the scarred region and leave it for more than an hour.

When it is possible, put on the mask during sleep. The cooling and relaxing effect of sandalwood on the skin works well for the fight against acne scars. Keep in mind to wash t

he mask entirely with lots of water.

Tomatoes for your face

In case you thought that tomatoes were only used in salads, then you certainly are new to the acne fighting strategies. Tomatoes happen to be used for some time to handle acne scars with success. This is because tomatoes are rich in vital vitamins.

Tomatoes contain the all time important vitamin A which suppresses extreme production of sebum that is the root cause of acne. The vitamin also renews damaged and scarred skin as it is an antioxidant. All you need is to slice up tomatoes and put them on your face.

Have diverse uses for olive oil

Olive oil does an awesome work in improving the taste of food. It does even a better job in improving the appearance of a damaged skin. Find your way to your cabinet and put some olive oil in your hand right after cleaning your face. Massage the oil on the damaged skin.

The moisturizing property of Olive oil makes it suitable for this purpose.

From sting to beauty

Honey is a natural moisturizer. Apply honey to the face directly or use acne scar treatment which is orally administered. Honey does wonders.

Let the ice work for you

Ice reduces the irritated scarred skin. Massage some ice cubes over the area and get relief.

Natural home remedies for acne scars demands for effective. Try them for a glowing skin.