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You’ve probably not missed much of cholesterol’s journey through the news media in recent times. The awareness has been a good thing, and I think a lot of people have benefited from it. Something that has escaped general awareness though is that there is actually good cholesterol that is important to good health. You will find a good reason to lose 20 pounds now.

In fact this good kind needs to be emphasized as a part of any wellness program.You’ll find that this HDL-cholesterol is important when it comes to heart health.

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Let me define a few things for you. First, there is L.D.L. which stands for low dense lipoprotein. This is the bad cholesterol that clogs up the blod paths to your heart.HDL represents a deser version of cholesterol that’s something that helps fight against the harmful cholesterol by cleaning out your arterial passages. Share your cholesterol stories in the best weight loss forum.

You shoudl be checked to make sure your H.D.L. is at least forty. If it’s not, you’ll have to take steps to increase it.

You’ll need to have your compete cholesterol number over the 240 mark if you are going

to be worry free about your heart. There is also a calculation that compares the amount of H.D.L. in your system to the total value of choleterol.

By calculating this ration, your doctor can esitmate to what extent you are at risk of heart disease.Science has confirmed in an important study that your level of H.D.L. is significant in predicting heart-disease.

The margin that seemed to make the difference is an elevated H.D.L. of 10 mg. This level resulted in a reduced risk of over 10%.

Does this mean anything to you? Can you go out and increase your H.D.L. number?The amount of HDL in your system can increase significantly just by shedding some pounds. You will need to see a physician to get the HDL measured though. Learn more about cholesterol at

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