Painless Hemorrhoid treatment – Find out the best methods?

People often have difficulty dealing with hemorrhoids because of the physical discomfort. This ailment is defined by the swelling of veins within the anus and around it. To avoid pain, one should only sit or stand for a short time to prevent the anus from being pressured. For most people with this ailment, the pain can be unbearable. Good thing that painless hemorrhoid treatments are now being offered. These painless treatments to remove hemorrhoids are generally safe.

Before, most physicians would recommend surgery and medications. With today's advancement in the medical world, the traditional method is pushed aside to make way for painless hemorrhoid treatment. These painless procedures are less invasive and provides minimal patient risk.

A person may be instructed to change his diet before painless hemorrhoid treatment. With regular constipation, the pressure is increased on the blood vessels in and around the anus. Constipations interrupts normal blood flow and the blood vessels in the anus compensate by pumping harder. When the walls of the anal blood vessel weaken, cushion membranes form. Fiber rich food such as beans, fruits, legumes and whole grains should be included in the diet. Increasing fluids along with fiber intake will help in regulating bowel movement.

Bipolar coagulation is used to painlessly remove hemorrhoids by direct coagulation. Electrotherapy is applied to the mucous membrane, which results to clots. This method stops the hemorrhoid from bleeding inside when ruptured. Patients suffering from internal hemorrhoids are usually recommended to take this procedure.
One of the known painless hemorrhoid treatments is Hemorrhoidal Arterial Ligation (HAL). So that a physician can know the size and condition of the hemorrhiods, a Doppler ultrasound flowmeter along with a protoscope is used. The affec

ted vessel is later tied off using a needle and thread that was inserted through the protoscope. This prevents further inflammation of the blood vessel and in time, the protrusion will just shrivel off.

Another option for painless hemorrhoid treatment is Rubber banding. For individuals who have hemorrhoids outside the anus, this method is usually suggested. The surgeon uses a rubber band to stop the blood flow into the protruded vessel. Much like HAL, after quite some time, the hemorrhoid will just fall off after it has shrunk. The procedure is so simple, that it can be done right away in a clinic.Physicians may also recommend Sclerotherapy as a conjunctive treatment to Rubber banding.

Another painless way to remove hemorrhoids is by Super freezing. [Just like the previous procedures, constricting the vessel will result to its shrinking and falling off, which will later be replaced by new tissue.However, this procedure is only effective for hemorrhoids outside the anus.

Individuals will find that painless hemorrhoid treatment, compared to other methods, may be the best option. Compared to the traditional methods, it is more affordable and has less risk. You can prevent recurrence of hemorrhoids if you make some modifications to your lifestyle. A nutritious and fiber-rich diet with exercise is advised. If ever you

have this ailment, go talk to your doctor right away to prevent complications.

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