The Hidden Existence Of Generic Pharmaceuticals

When it comes to discussing the truth about , we must first start off with what exactly constitutes a generic.Generics are copies of brand named drugs and are made only when the patent on the original has expired. Therefore, not all brand named drugs have a generic version. According to rules regulated by the FDA, generics have to be the bioequivalent of the innovator drug. Their qualities must match the standards of the original, but they cannot have the same name or look.

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According to the law, generics have to look different in appearance so consumers are not confused as to what they are buying. This explains the different look of generics, such as a difference in color or size from the brand we are accustomed to. They may in fact taste or smell different due to differences in their inactive ingredient, but the active ingredient is still the same.

In the United States, patent protection extends for twenty years, but the application for the patent is usually entered well before clinical trials are performed. This means that generics can hit the market anywhere between seven and twelve years after the brand drug. Once this happens, they are put on the market at a much lower price than the innovator drug because they did not have to incur the same marketing and research and development costs as the original. This is quite an advantage when considering the high cost of most prescription drugs.

Safety has always been a concern when dealing with non brand name drugs, but the FDA has

given them the seal of approval. And although most doctors still prefer to prescribe name brands, there are a growing number of physicians who are recommending the generic alternative. Safety is an issue when taking either type of drug. Do your research and consult a doctor or pharmacist with any concerns.

Since their lower cost is the major reason why users flock to these drugs, they have become higher in demand. Doctors still tend to prescribe brand named drugs because this is the standard they are use to. It is your option and right to ask for a less expensive, generic alternative.

It may be surprising to know that many of the major brand companies actually manufacture . Fifty percent of these non brand drugs are made by major brand named retail drug manufacturers. To increase their share of the market, they produce both types of prescriptions.

Alternatively, there are manufacturers that only produce generic prescriptions. More than half of prescription drugs are filled with non brand named items. These drugs are cost beneficial, especially for the uninsured or the elderly who may be restricted to a

fixed income.

So there is no true mystery in generic drugs. They are FDA approved and considered as safe as higher priced brand named drugs. As with any medication, there could be complications so always speak to a professional before making any changes in your medications. A safe consumer is a wise consumer.