The low down of Hemorrhoids and piles

Hemorrhoids are generally enlarged or inflamed blood vessels in the posterior rectal region. The most common symptoms that require piles treatment are rectal bleeding, blistering, pain and itchiness.

Hemorrhoids can be external or internal. These two types of hemorrhoids might occur together.

bright red blood spots or blodges on the feces or on the toilet paper after wiping the bum. The quantity of blood is fairly small. However, even a small amount of blood can make toilet water look like vivid red and can be alarming.

It is unlikely you'll discover the real origin of the bum bleeding without a clinical diagnosis. Therefore, most people with this symptom should undergo a medical examination by a doctor or a professional medical practitioner.

Hemorrhoids can cause irritation and itching of the affected skin around the anal area. Itching can be a result of a mixture of various factors, such as the following:

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  1. Internal hemorrhoids can permit leakage of stool that can be itchy and irritating to the skin in the rectal area.
  2. Excess c

    leansing might irritate the skin in the anus region.

  3. Individuals with external hemorrhoids can develop minimal protrusion

    of the skin, commonly known as skin tags. These are often not particuarly easy to keep clean, causing itchiness.

  4. Inflammation of hemorrhoids causes inflammation and itchiness.

Alternatively, pain may occur in people who have thrombosis or congulated blood within the hemorrhoid. This can happen within either external or internal hemorrhoids. Clotted external hemorrhoids are usually a plum sort of colour. When the skin around the bum area gets swollen, one often experiences severe pain and requires alternative treatment for piles.

Coagulated hemorrhoids can cause pain, even though usually less extreme. Hardly ever, if the blood flow to a hemorrhoid is reduced, the hemorrhoid may be asphyxiated. Asphyxiation can result to severe pain, and the lessened blood flow can cause gangrene, wherein the affected skin is dead. This can potentially be fatal and needs urgent hemorrhoid treatment.