Tips For Fighting Old Age

Did you know that human-growth-hormone is the key to a keeping a younger, sexier aura about you? It works for us as we age. The only thing is that we need more of it, explaining why so many of us start to look about as old as we feel. You can talk about hormones in

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Something else you need to understand is that when you work with traditional cardiovascular drills, you don't do anything to increase the growth-hormone levels in your system.There's more to it than fighting the aging process: these hormones are going to make a big difference as you try to lose your gut.

If you're anything like me, you get spammed several hundred times a week with offers for growth-hormone boosting supplements. They seem to be a sought after product.It's not necessary to be pooping a pill, or doing other things for generating more of this hormone's quantity in your body: you need to be doing strength building exercises on a regular basis.

A European professional journal that discusses physiological properties of human beings release a study fro

m North Carolina that made the comparison between traditional cardio and resistance workouts when it comes to hormone production in the body.

To summarize it in a broad way, the study showed that those who were training with weights were producing much more in the way of growth hormones than the people who were doing cardio. So if you seem to be losing the battle against time and old age, you have hope in the fact that a good fitness program that involves strengthening movements is going to go a long way in slowing that process down. This is also key to rapid weight loss.

You can do the squat as part of your resistance training because it has all the characteristics that you should be looking for, especially the fact that ingaves many muscles at once.Your exercise selection should be those that are done with only the body's mass so that you can keep your routine up at home, at the office, or on the road. You can add dumbbells if necessary. Now you can look young and still lose 20 pounds.