Do you have Pile Symptoms – Find out what you can do in this report.

Piles, also known as hemorrhoids are pouches that form in or outside of the rectum. This ailment give such discomfort that it affects activities of daily living. Do you think you have symptoms of piles? Is surgery the only option to remove hemorrhoids?Try to look at the facts and look for the right solution now!

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pressure on the lower part of your body, you may get affected by piles. If you sit or stand for too long, weakened blood vessels may collapse under the pressure placed on them, forming piles. During circulation, the walls weaken and swell.

So what are the symptoms of piles?

These are the two kinds of hemorrhoids: Internal and External piles.These are the common symptoms of piles:

Irritation and inflammation of anal area.
Painful feeling around rectum along with swelling.
Indication of blood in your underwear, tissue or in the toilet after bowel movement.

Blood in your underwear and after passing bowels, are indications that it is Internal piles. You might not feel these bleeding episodes but this should be given attention right away as well. You might feel a bit alarmed to see blood especially if you feel quiet normal. It is still best to consult a doctor about these symptoms so he can make the correct diagnosis based on the symptoms.

External piles are the pouches that form outside of the rectum. External piles may also come from Internal ones when the pressure and blood flow forces the collapse of the vessel

outside of the anus

. This can also happen when the blood vessels around the anus are weak. This kind of hemorrhoids are very itchy and may agonize a person for the whole day.

Hemorrhoids should be treated right away because the complications may be fatal. Do not place your health at risk, treat symptoms of piles right away.

Depending on its severity, the treatment for piles vary.Treatment for piles usually start with medication, lifestyle change and surgery when severe. A doctor may later on recommend non-invasive procedures like Sclerotherapy and Rubber banding.The methods pose minimal risk and are pain-free. Hemorrhoidectomy is an old and traditional way of getting rid of hemorrhoids. However, the new pain-free procedures are now more preferred.

You should take symptoms of piles as a warning to do some intervention.Sometimes, piles may go away even without intervention. However, if left alone, it may later on get infected and can also lead to shock. Prevention of complications should be observed at all cost. Don't prolong your suffering from piles, take control now.

Finding quality information online can sometimes be tricky, however there is an excellent hemorrhoid resource website that covers details on shrinking hemorrhoids and . I am sure you will find the information very useful.