Learn To Measure Leanness

There's no end to the type of emails I'll get on a regular basis. One of these types are men telling be about their 8% body composition. Come on. That's a number only pros have. What I'm saying is that these men are either BSing me or they are sincerely misled because there's no way so many people can be professional builders. You can still lose 20 pounds now.

What do you do if you measure your composition and you come up with some phenomenal stats? Does that mean that you've arrived?Spend some moments to evaluate the tools you have been using to determine your mass and your leannes because if it's not accurate you could make some wrong moves.

What most people are using for body composition is a caliper that fits in the hand and isn't very reliable for giving good results.Gadgets like these are reliable only to the point of how they give unreliable numbers. Find support in the best weight loss forum.

By flowing electricity through a wad of your gut you can tell how mu

ch is fat and how much is good by the amount of amps that flows across it. Because fat has different characteristics, you can gauge your percentage based on it.

The numbers they produce are based on averaging numbers from a variety of test subjects who are measured traditionally and then with one of the gadgets.Here we have research that evaluated in the after market how these gadgets actually stand up to the traditional and more accurate fat measurements: the were consistently low.

You are supposed to learn here that the percentages you get from the gizmos just aren't reliable.You should be the judge of your progress anyway. See what's going on in the mirror and if your clothes are getting loose rather than letting a gadget kick you around.

If you need to be measuring something, get you a cloth measuring tape and track the width of your arms, your waistline, your butt (can you get a tape measure long enough for that?) and hips. Keep working on exercise and diet and before you know it you'll have reliable results to demonstrate your progress. Learn more about this at http://www.fatlossfactor.com.