Weights Routines

There are now many weights sets for sale for very low prices and this is great news. But if we do not use our barbells and dumbbells correctly we will see little return for our efforts.

We can choose from basic weight sets or for more quality items like Olympic weights bars for sale and will find that we can get great deals. But once we have our equipment we need a suitable routine.

This is where many people seem to go wrong and they do one of two things. They either over train by doing too much or they simply are not dedicated enough and do not stick with a any kind of routine at all.

We need to use a very good routine and one that has always produced results is a full body routine. If we are young then we may be able to perform a full body routine three times a week but the chances are that we would do better using our barbells weights sets to work out twice a week. This means that we can train full out and very intensely but allow ourselves to recover and grow. This is what many people overlook.

We need to stimulate the muscles with intense training but we then need to rest to grow and repair our muscles.

A good diet is also very important. We need to consume enough calories so that our muscles can use it to get bigger but not eat so much that we get fat. The ideal diet for bodybuilding involves plenty of carbs and proteins and we will do best to consume small meals on a regular basis throughout the day. 5 or 6 meals is ideal to keep our bodies fuelled and building muscle mass and strength. Do this and we will see good results from our efforts with our barbells and weights.

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