Improve Bathroom Safety With A Grab Bar

Most accidental falls in the home occur in the bathroom. This is easy to see since you are dealing with wet surfaces and it would be easy to slip and fall.

One way to help eliminate this is to install shower grab bars. Some people try to use a towel bar for support. Obviously this isn’t safe and can lead to injuries, Towel bars are for towels, not supporting people.

There are several different models to choose from models to choose from.

The safest ones are grab bars that are attached directly to the wall of a shower or tub. These will be mounted and screwed directly into the studs in the wall. This way they are secured to the wall and will allow you to use them to help support your weight.

You will want to look for ADA compliant grab bars. These are grab bars that must meet certain standards established by the ADA. This include the size of the bar and it should have a textured surface to give the user a better grip when their hands or the bar is wet.

The look of a bath grab bar has improved over the years. They now look much better than the ones you have seen in a hospital. You can find them in a bare bones style like a hospital, or choose the more stylish looking ones made of brass and nickel.

When mounting the grab bars, check for clearance and position them where the person will need the most support. The ADA recommends that the bars be installed either vertically or horizontally. If they are placed on a diagonal, there is the chance that the user can lose their grip and then fall in the shower/bath.

Finding shower grab bars on the Internet is easy. You should look at all of the reviews to see how other people have used them. You can find out the pros and cons of each grab bar.

Remember, shower grab bars are not just for handicapped showers. They are there to increase the safety for everyone in your home.

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