Do You Need These Customized Baseball Gloves?

My son, the one who I dreamed would be playing Major League Baseball someday, at last started to play baseball.  It’s a step above hitting off the Tee, but none the less, the thrill of being part of that dream is very much alive for me. That

is, until we went shopping for a baseball glove.

My son, all seven years of him, has in some manner decided that he needs one of those customized baseball gloves. I will be honest and tell you that I have no idea what these custom baseball gloves were until I began my research and even now, I’m not certain they will make an average player any better .


A normal baseball glove is available at the local sporting goods store and even I was going to binge and maybe spend $50 on his first glove . He’s short and agile, so a first baseman’s glove wasn’t in my mind . I pray nightly that he won’t want to play the position of catcher, so I never considered to shop for some of these catchers mitts. My thinking is that he’ll probably play the middle infield. Shortstop would be a likely choice and with a weaker arm, maybe he would be successful at second base.


He’s not built for third and besides, he needs much better

upper body strength in order to make those long distance  throws to first. No, my choice is infield. He agreed with me, remember he is only seven years old. I’m told that as he gets just a little older , his agreement abilities disappear until soon I won’t know who he is. Right now though , I got some control .


None of the gloves in the downtown  Sporting goods store seemed like they were out of line . All youth baseball gloves that seemed right for him fit into my $50 budget. The only problem is that he didn’t like any of them. Either the leather was too stiff or the web design  wasn’t right. Twice I steered him to a really nice looking black glove , but he resisted. Finally, I asked him what he wanted and his response stuck in my heart like a medieval spear taking precision aim into my blood supply .


He wanted a custom baseball glove. How had I missed this? I thought to make a ordinary  glove into one of the customized baseball gloves you wrote your name somewhere on the fingers . Maybe with a bright blue  marker, so it would appear to be something very upscale . It would be hard to miss and perhaps that glove would have some meaning because a future Hall Of Fame star had signed his name on it. Right. Am I a dope or what? 


When we arrived back home, he skipped the homework and went straight on line to the rawlings website. There, he had his choice of the softest leather, the range of colors and Kangaroo  baseball leather. I honestly didn’t know such things existed, so I sat down while the future short stop of our Little League began the demonstration.


Of course he would opt for the black and orange web design. The lacing would be important , he informed me. perhaps stitching to match the laces on his next to be purchased, custom  baseball cleats would be appropriate. And his name? Of course it would be stitched inside.


I moved closer to the screen. Open and closed web designs were available. I also saw different styles of web weaving andand listened to my son tell me about a fast retrieval for throwing out fast runners . Would we want a standard wrist closure or perhaps one with a lining ? A finger hood? What color ?


By the time we had designed our glove, I was in awe of the future, which I decided was right now. Baseball gloves have come a long way since I played the game and I was impressed with the style, colors and designs available. My son looked at me with hopeful eyes even as I shook my head, indicating no .


Not a chance I was spending $250 on any glove, much less a glove for a seven year old. Did i really think he was going to the majors? What was i thinking? I must be smoking something very strange to even entertain the idea of a custom glove My answer was final and he knew it, but in my mind I know how kids are and what powers they possess .


A week later he was sporting his red and black glove , and customized baseball gloves don’t come any better looking than the one he was showing off  . The only problem was that it didn’t make him catch or field any better than the one within my budget, but thanks to his grandfather, the one who made me work for each nickel I got  , he was the talk of the team. 


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