How to Use Inversion Tables Effectively

Inversion tables are the new thing both in fitness and medicine to help relieve back pain, and achieve overall better health. A gravity inversion tableworks just like it’s name suggests, by using gravity. We walk around all day upright which over time can compress our spine, pinching nerves, tightening muscles, and causing overall discomfort. An inversion table helps to relax and stretch the muscles and decompress the spine resulting in a reduction in back pain.

Every inversion table is different and you should always read the instructions that come with your particular model. However, it can be helpful in trying to understand how inversion therapy works to have a general image of what is involved in the process.

The basic components of an inversion table involve a table to lie on, some kind of boot to strap your feet in to, and a mechanism for inverting and and uninverting yourself. Of course you can always acquire additional bells and whistles, extra padding, different kinds of metal components etc. but those are the basics.

To invert yourself you will lie on the table (usually at a slight decline) and secure your feet. You will then slowly invert yourself. Most companies and doctors recommend that you don’t spend more than a couple of minutes inverted your first time. It is important to work up to more time (usually capping out at no more than 5-6 minutes) very gradually to avoid injury. It is also important to be careful with the degree that you invert yourself to (again a gradual approach is recommended. The more extreme angles should be reserved for after you are acclimated to the device and after consulting with your doctors recommendations. Some experts believe that a 60 degree angle is the most beneficial, but that is something that should be determined by your own circumstances.

You can also participate in rocking inversion therapy – but that is a topic for another time.


  1. I like reading your blogs….they are great. I happen to own a lifegear inversion table and I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to use it….this post showed me the way….thanks

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