A Gentle Orem Dental Clinic

Gentle Dental Arts is the best Orem dental clinic to go to if you are looking for to have a procedure performed without the pain and anxiety that you may feel before going to the dentist.  Dr. Larson has over thirty years of experience in the field of dentistry and he relocated to Orem in 1988 in order to further expand his practice and be a part of the Orem community.  Since then, he has helped hundreds of patients, from both Orem and other locations; achieve their dreams of a better, brighter smile.

Patients speak more highly of Gentle Dental Arts, than any other Orem Dental Clinic, because of the “gentle” approach that Dr. Larson uses and his success in helping his patients with everything from teeth whitening to treating snoring and sleep apnea.  One of the many things that Gentle Dental Arts is famous for is their practice of oral sedation.  Oral sedation relaxes even the most anxious patient and makes the procedure absolutely painless.  Even though you do not have to be put under, vital signs are all carefully recorded by the staff so that when you go into Gentle Dental Arts, you can feel assured that you will be taken care of and have a better experience than you could get from any other Orem dental clinic.

An Orem Dental Clinic with Advanced Technology

You will not find the advanced technology used at Gentle Dental Arts anywhere else in Orem.  Patients come from all different locations to experience what Gentle Dental Arts has to offer.  If you are worried about the amounts of radiation emitted when you have to get x-rays taken of your mouth, you can come to Gentle Dental Arts and choose to have digital x-rays done.  They only emit one tenth of the amount of radiation used by traditional x-ray machines.  Dr. Larson also uses diagnodent technology, which uses laser beams to pick up tooth decay in the earliest of stages so that it can be treated as quickly as possible.  Whatever you choose to come to Gentle Dental Arts for, you are sure to walk away with a smile.

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