Adjustable dumbbell systems are a type of free weight that consists of a handle with weights plates on the ends. The weights start out at 5 lbs and they can go up to 130 lbs. This type of free-weight system allows you to have multiple weights in a small space. There are other advantages as well as disadvantages in using this type of dumbbells.

One of its advantages is that it is not space consuming aside from the Hex dumbbells which eats up a lot of space in a gym. It also saves your time because changing weight plates is easier than the other types of dumbbells where you have to go from one place to another just to get the dumbbell of your desired weight. Also, these dumbbells look great. It comes in different designs and shapes. Lastly, it is relatively cheaper than the hex dumbbells. You can have a set of adjustable dumbbell weight for as low as $50 per ranging up to a certain amount depending on the brand and the weight capacity. However, there are also disadvantages of this particular dumbbell set. First is that it has weight limitations. Weight capacity starts at 5lbs ranging only up to 90 lbs, but there is one brand which goes up all the way to 130 lbs. Another disadvantage is its durability, well maybe this has just something to do with the brand and type of dumbbells that you have. Reviews about the types of adjustable weight dumbbells and their efficiency will help to decide on which dumbbell set is durable and which are not. Bottom line, adjustable dumbbells are cost effective, efficient, and space saving however if your looking for the most durable dumbbell and one which you can extend its weight capacity, you just have to check some sites offering dumbbells online. Read reviews and you can also look for the most inexpensive yet high quality dumbbell that will last for a long time.

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