Remedies And Possible Cures For Acne At Any Age

Most people go through stages in life where their skin rebels; you are not alone. 89% of people in their teens are affected and, though acne tends to decrease as the years go on, some adults are still severely affected. What is to be done? What <a

href=””>natural relief for acne is there?

Firstly, one must look at hygiene and diet. If you keep yourself clean and exfoliate regularly, shower and

wash your face at least once per day, you are already on the right track. Food is a more complex problem because each person reacts differently. However, it is safe to say that bad food breeds bad health and bad skin. Too much sugar or carbohydrates have been linked to skin problems, whereas water and fresh produce can clear skin.

Stress is the other big acne producer. Find time for yourself, work out your stress in cathartic ways, and learn to manage stressful situations. A very old remedy for acne is sulphur-based cleaners. Sulphur has great medical properties and is safe to use. Zinc also works.

Aloe Vera can reduce the swelling of acne, but will not cure it. Tea tree oil is praised in the same way. Some people also swear by getting out into the sun. Sweating in any form of exercise is good, too, because sweat will flush out your pores. It will also jump-start your circulation and will force you to take a shower.

When all is said and done, though, ‘natural’ remedies may be no remedies at all for very serious cases. Doctors would have the best answers given your medical specifics, skin type, and the severity of the problem. It may even take a few tries for the doctor to find the right combination for you. It is a very complex problem and requires diligence.

Some medications can be taken alone, others are made to be taken with creams or scrubs. For many people, acne is merely a hormonal problem which can be tied to age, heredity, stress, or menstruation. Some of these are unavoidable and most people go through similar experiences.

You would need something much more hard-hitting, meaning a medication. There have been numerous advances and break-throughs in this field; you don’t have to suffer through skin complaints when there are safe options that can be tailored to fit you. The only way to know what is right for you is to contact a doctor. A few imperfections on a surface as large

as the skin are to be expected over the course of a person’s life, but that does not

mean you have to suffer low self-esteem because of it.

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