Advantages of a Ladies Bicycle

Men and women express themselves differently in the world of bicycling. Men prefer to be the macho tight-wearing muscle-toned bike rider while women would like to have a few fashionable pieces added to their attire. Even the bikes they ride are different. Normal bikes are made for men whose lower torso is long. These are big bicycles which are hard to navigate if you are a lady. This is why ladies prefer to ride customized a ladies bicycle rather than the bulky types that men ride. Ladies bicycles are designed for the body of an average lady. The seat is especially put at a reachable height so that it will not be uncomfortable to ride.

Most women also like the idea of being who they are even when riding. There are two types of trends when it comes to riding. The first is with the complete attire for riding: tights and sports shirt with rubber shoes. If you are joining a sports competition, this is the required attire. The second is the more contemporary, feminine attire. It can consist of anything of your choice: sundresses and large hats and flats. This is what they call riding in style. If you are only riding a bicycle for leisure, this is the style for you. In universities, some ladies prefer to ditch the sporty attire and go to class in their school dress while riding a bike.

Unlike men, women have the luxury to dress up differently every time they ride a bike. An average Merinda ladies bicycle can be ridden even when you are in a skimpy skirt, provided that you have cycling shorts underneath to prevent indecent exposure. If you are interested, you can visit Pearl Izumi and browse through their catalog of fashionable sportswear. You can also go for the bicycle with basket for a feminine touch. It can also become additional storage where you can put your bag or shoes while riding. Men’s bikes would look odd with this accessory.


  1. Great article to read out,bicycle is the best way to keep you healthy,mens are using bicycle to keep them macho tight-wearing muscle and while on the other hand ladies like keep them fight.

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