GABA supplements and GABA tea

A  GABA supplement can come in many forms. GABA is being promoted and marketed more and more as an insomnia natural remedy, a help for those battling depression, stress and worry, a natural remedy anxiety. As well, it is a help in combating high blood pressure, obesity, and more.  It is being recommended for athletes, sport people. It is anti-aging and rejuvenating. Is GABA really all that it is made out to be? Are their GABA side effects? What are the real GABA effects?

There have been a lot of tests and research on GABA and it is still very much a work in progress. The Japanese have known for years of its benefits and have accepted GABA tea as a part of their staple diet and have incorporated GABA supplements into many of their everyday foods.

Scientific research have proven that GABA does affect a person’s moods and is connected to how the brain reacts to stress and anxiety signals from the central nervous system.  There is something called a GABA neurotransmitter that GABA receptors attach to and these actually blocks out overly excitation impulses such as those associated with depression, anxiety, stress etc from getting into the brain. This is why GABA is so effective in calming and relaxing.  GABA is also known to increase a person’s HGH levels which can not only affect one’s physical well being, but also can even help to give a better overall outlook on life.

GABA side effects are non-existent and even though it can be a natural sleep aid, it does not come with the drowsiness and lethargy after effects that other so called natural sleeping aids often have.

One of the best and most natural GABA supplements is Organic GABA tea. It is inexpensive, enjoyable to drink and has amazing health and healing properties. It is one of the most concentrated sources of natural GABA. Aside from this, GABA tea also has the many health and healing properties of Wu long tea including antioxidants, catechins, flavanoids, polyphenols and free radicals. All this together makes a wonderful healing potion for high blood pressure and obesity. Drinking a couple of cups of natural GABA tea daily can work wonders.

The best way to decide for yourself about GABA is to try it. Get yourself some of this healthy tea and make a habit to enjoy a couple of cups – or more, daily and you will soon see a positive difference  – physically and even emotionally.


  1. GABA was promoted as a bodybuilding supplement a while back, but it seems that all it did was help people sleep better. Maybe that on it’s own makes it a worthwhile supplement for the insomniacs out there?

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