Ellipticals: from the most expensive to the cheapest home gym machines

We present two very different home elliptical machines: the cheapest and the most expensive on the market today. All prices and detailed information has been checked as of July 2010. User reviews are generally good with some exceptions quoted at the end of the post. But before getting too specific, let’s look at what an ellipticals are and why they can help you to develop lean muscle, toned legs and arms as well as why they have become so popular. Briefly, elliptical machines are things like treadmills, cycling devices and stepping equipment that operate in a cyclical fashion. Usually you can choose a walking or running path, a segment of hills and valleys, a speed for running or jogging or even a specific amount of stairs to climb. In the best models there are arm movements required to maximize the workout, some offering handlebars that move along with the lower body action. Elliptical workouts burn calories, tone, induce cardio strength and do so while toning the muscles due to preset (or personalized) tension settings.

The most expensive model: SportsArt E830 Elliptical Trainer – E830 – Model 562910
Price: $7,236.40 on Amazon.com (July 2010)
Weight and dimensions:
·    weight: 300 pounds (136 kgs)
·    length: 67″  (170 cms)
·    width: 31″ (79 cms)
·    height: 37″ (94 cms)
Product description:
·    adjustable stride 17” to 29” (43 to 74 cms)
·    maximum user weight: 450 lbs (205 kgs)
·    heart rate control
·    display type: dot matrix
·    display feedback: workout level, calories, time, stride length, distance, cal/hr, strides/min
·    resistance levels: 20
·    frame: lifetime
·    mechanical: lifetime
·    electronics: 7 years
·    labor: 1 year
·    light installation: 4 hours/day use
Power supply: 110V (supply only for U.S. ellipticals)

The cheapest model: Gazelle Edge Trainer
Price: $104.00 on walmart.com (July 2010)
One of the most affordable elliptical home gym machines on the market. Steel construction holds up to 250 lbs (114 kgs). Low-impact workout gives an aerobic workout and let go from a slow walk to a full run.
Key exercises strengthen:
·    hips
·    front of thighs
·    back of thighs
·    calves
·    shin/lower leg
·    shoulder
·    bicep
·    triceps
·    chest
·    back
·    stomach
This model includes a computer providing immediate feedback on speed, distance, time and approximate calories burned.
The most critical review from the same wallmart.com website:
“I ordered this basic one and immediately the “computer” tracker stopped working… A year later, the foot pedal separated from the suspension “arm” as the arm was made out of plastic and manufactured to look like steel.”
The most positive review:
“If you need exercise, but can’t have any strain on your back or joints, this is the perfect machine. I have three disc herniation on my back and neck and my mother has joint problems, very easy to exercise.”

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