Can I Reduce My Hemorrhoids Symptoms?

There are a lot of reasons that people get hemorrhoids, the most common risk factors are things that place stress on the anal canal such as pregnancy, obesity, anal sex, colorectal surgery, chronic constipation and diarrhea. Aging and genetics may also play a part in whether a person gets hemorrhoid or not. Another less obvious risk factor is high blood pressure which can also put strain on the anal veins. So, if these are the most common risk factors it makes sense that this is the best place to start your how to get rid of hemorrhoids plan, reducing anything that puts undue stress on the anal canal.

Not all of these risk factors can be limited or decreased, for example, aging and genetics are beyond our control. And although hemorrhoids are very common in pregnant women, this is usually a risk worth taking. This then leaves us a few options to consider when it comes to treatment. Losing weight is definitely an idea, carrying around extra weight puts stress on all parts of the body including the anal canal, plus obesity is probably indicative of poor food selection which then brings me to the best way to reduce hemroid symptoms.  

No matter what grade of hemorrhoids you have, Grade 1 to Grade IV, eating better is the single best thing you can do to reduce your symptoms. Adults should be getting about 25 grams of fiber each and every day and less than ½ of all Americans get this recommended amount. A lack of fiber leads to hard stools and makes passing them difficult, both of which are hard on the anal canal. If more people made the effort to eat more fiber, the incidence of hemorrhoids would drop dramatically. But if you already have hemorrhoids, you may think why bother eating more fiber at this point. Well, softer stools will help minimize irritation to any hemorrhoids that may already exist, plus it can help prevent more hemorrhoids from forming.

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