Before Leaving Home Check Out Backpacker Travel Insurance

Many backpack travelers have learned that all travel insurance is  not created equal.  It is likely that backpackers would get proper coverage when we talk about travel insurance.  Even so, the activities that backpackers do are not covered by the insurance.

The coverage does exist for backpackers, but remember that you need something to cover more than a cancellation.  The whole purpose of a policy is to get some sort of medical coverage and definitely coverage for items while you are traveling abroad. This would be something for a backpacker to consider especially because they often travel through the mountains, and take wilderness hikes.

Standard Policies have restrictions and limitations on the activities that travelers could engage in even where they could go.  In this

case it is always best to inform them exactly where you intend to be traveling at that time.  Particularly when doing an international hike, it would be helpful for you to disclose where you intend to go, and any concerns about items you might want to have coverage for just in case.

And just bear in mind, that even though you are backpacking, these insurance companies believe that you are more prone to be robbed or assaulted so that makes you a higher risk.  Its interesting that using nature as an accommodation would make you a higher risk than staying in a building that could burn to the ground or be subject to a hold up in the middle of the night.

Make sure to look at the medical coverage on a backpacking travel insurance policy too.  Most dont cover pre-existing conditions, so if you have a history of heart related illnesses and you do

have a heart attack while you are traveling, you will not be covered.  If this happens, find another policy that could provide you with what you need.  

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