How to Discover Your Past Life

Discovering our past lives in really a mysterious concept and more interesting to know. Some say we had lived many lives before we were born in various geographies, times and dimensions. They tell that we are bound to suffer consequences of our past lives that can make impacts on present life. Most of us refuse to believe theories such as reincarnation and re embodiment theories because of absence of scientific evidences. But many psychologists argue that we can reveal our past life incidents and that will help you to find significant solutions for our present life’s problems.


The theory about reincarnation has been undergone to many studies but no one was successful to declare crystal clear findings about it. One thing is specified by those studies that if you research on your past life you can find significant answers to tune your behavior. You can squeeze to your past life through attaining psychic skills.


If you are determined to experience your past, you have to follow some steps to reach to most accurate results. Dreams are the best way to see your past so understand and analyze your dreams well and write down what all you saw last night in a journal. Then, try to extract the meaningful pictures in them. If you are getting new ideas, scribble on the pages as soon as possible.


Consulting a hypnotherapist will help you to interpret the incidents that you are experienced in your past life until you learn hypnotism. An expert in hypnotism will help you to interpret the incidents that happening in your life and its significance over your life. An acupuncturist or regression therapist will help you to reveal your past well.


Dreams or nightmares are reflections of our past or ongoing life experiences. They determine our emotions, expectations and personality. It is generated from unconscious state of mind so that it can not show faulty ideas more often. You can watch visuals of your past life through dreams and they are the windows of your ongoing life. Pray to the God to show up your childhood in dreams when you plan to go bed.


Every one is gifted with inherent psychic skills but its intensity varies person to person. You can improve your psychic skills through some regular intellectual exercise and changes in life style to gain extra ordinary perception of life. You have many books and other guides available in online and offline market. By following the methods mentioned in the book in quiet lonely atmosphere and you can improve your psychic skills. You can develop your psychic skill and attain

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the clairvoyance state of mind.


Human beings have psychic abilities that help to perceive knowledge in extraordinary style. The skill varies according to one’s wisdom and intelligence. If your psychic power

is extraordinary, you can easily get to know your past whenever you want. There are many psychic articles

in the internet or available to buy psychic exercise CDs and books in online and offline markets. Practice exercises every day in the morning in a calm and quite place where no external disturbance happens that distracts your concentration. Once you are done, you will be able to extract your past with the help of psychic power you gained.


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