TUBA Breast Implants

The techniques used in breast augmentation surgery have become increasingly advanced, and some of the latest developments have led to methods of implant insertion that leave minimal if any visible scarring. For many women the scars that are left following breast enhancement are very off putting, but if you are prepared to pay the higher breast enlargement prices that are associated with more advanced techniques, then you can opt to have surgery that leaves no visible scarring.

One such method is TUBA, which stands for Transumbilical Breast Augmentation. This technique was born in the early 1990’s and has since been developed to become one of the most popular scar-free implant insertion methods for women choosing saline breast enlargements. As the name suggests, the insertion through which your implants will be inserted is made in the skin of the belly button, which means any scarring will be concealed totally. Only one incision is necessary when using this technique, as the surgeon is able to insert both implants through the same incision.

This technique is only possible if you are choosing to have saline implants, as the implants have to be inserted while empty, then filled once the surgeon is happy with their placement. Silicone implants always come pre-filled, so using this kind of keyhole surgery method is not possible. It is worth discussing the pro’s and con’s of each type of implant with your surgeon before you set your mind on any particular type of insertion technique, as you may find that the implants that are going to give you the best results from your breast augmentation surgery are not compatible with a specific implant insertion technique.

The type of technique used to insert your breast implants will impact the cost of breast augmentation surgery, so this is something you will need to consider. While breast enlargement prices should never sway your choice of surgeon or clinic, they may well be a factor when it comes to choosing the way you have your surgery carried out, so you may have to wait and save for a little bit longer if you choose to have TUBA or similar scar-reduced methods.

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