Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms – The Road To Recovery

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms brought about by alcohol detox treatment is something a recovering alcoholic has to prepare to deal with if the decide to take steps to kick their addiction. Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous set aside a part of their treatment program to deal the difficulties alcoholics experience as soon as they stop drinking alcohol.

Alcohol detox treatment aims to cleanse the body of its dependence on alcohol. Years of substance abuse has made an alcoholic’s body resistant to the damaging effects of regular alcohol imbibing. The body has developed a tolerance that deals with the regular intake of alcohol. Once you stop the flow, the body will undergo a series of reactions known as alcohol withdrawal symptoms as it starts to reorient itself and adjust to the lack of alcohol.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are physical and psychological reactions that occur throughout the body as it tries to adjust to alcohol detox treatment. As soon as an alcoholic starts treatment, he or she will have to deal with headaches, loss of appetite, nausea and the vomiting that it brings. Fever, depression, anxiety and some alcoholics who usually have an easy going mood will start to experience rapid emotional changes for no reason at all. One minute they are are relaxed and smiling and for no apparent reason, they will be angry, irritable and at times, violent. Involuntary tremors that are sometimes referred to as the shakes also occur. In most cases the shakes just occur on the hands and eyelids, but in some severe cases, it is not surprising for whole body convulsions to occur.

Rehabilitation centers and treatment clinics are experts in managing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. If you decide to get alcohol detox treatment, it is a very good idea to join one of these programs. They have personnel that will help you kick your addiction while minimizing any dangers that withdrawal symptoms may bring.


  1. usually have an easy going mood will start to experience rapid emotional changes for no reason at all.

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